[digitally Paid] Request TTT script

Hey, I would like to make a request, I run my own TTT server and I use a basic point shop mod for things like power ups and hats, I was wondering if someone could make me a script which would give you a 50% speed boost (or changeable value) when purchased, it applies to you every time you start a round/ spawn. here is a power up template for low grav:

>>please take into account factors like round starting and server map changing / restarting, its works like once you have bought it, you will have it for life. until you sell it in your inventory.

ITEM.Name = “Low Gravity”
ITEM.Enabled = true
ITEM.Description = “Sets low gravity on yourself when you spawn. (WARNING: Ladders break the spell)”
ITEM.Cost = 600
ITEM.Model = “models/weapons/w_toolgun.mdl”

ITEM.Functions = {
OnGive = function(ply, item)
item.Hooks.PlayerSpawn(ply, item)

OnTake = function(ply, item)
	local grav = ply.OldGravity or 1


ITEM.Hooks = {
PlayerSpawn = function(ply, item)
if not ply.OldGravity then
ply.OldGravity = ply:GetGravity()



>>Will pay the person with the first working script in either TF2 items, copy of hl2 or some other steam related purchase. (games etc…

It’s really simple, just change the name of the item and and put [lua]ply:SetSpeed(‘900’)[/lua] instead of [lua]ply:SetGravity(0.3)[/lua]

It no work, I tried it and nothing happened when I activated it.

Try [lua]ply:SetRunSpeed(‘900’)[/lua]

Ttt has some speed override thing I saw in its code.
And change the name of the item too.

You are setting it as a string, while it has to be a integer.

I have little to no LUA writing knowledge, I only read it. Can someone write it out in a TTT functioning state, i can do the name and stuff.

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Any body know if there is all ready something like this that I could adapt and add to my server? :slight_smile: