DiGiTALS - First French's HL2RP Server

First : sorry for my bad language, please, understand that I’m French. Thanks you.

Introduction :

Hello everyone,
five or six month ago I made a HL2RP server for the French community (to get them into a real and serious RP server).

The servers is working with “Nexus HL2RP” gamemode (aka Kuroscript) that I’m a customer.

I advertise all French’s Garrysmod Player here if you want to play in a French HL2RP server you can join mine.

*French people are lost when they go into an other HL2RP server that’s why I made the first HL2RP server in the French community.

*Server Information :

Please, notice that if the server is offline it means that we are currently working on.

[li] IP Adress :[/li][li] Gamemode : Nexus HL2RP[/li][li] Max Slots : 50[/li][li] Server’s website :[/li][/ul]
*A little piece of advice : copy/paste the server information if it’s offline because we are working on. Thanks you !

***What’s a HL2RP server ? :

**A HL2RP server it’s a Role Playing game inside the world of Half Life 2 (before the arrival of Gordon Freeman).
You are a citizen and you must survive.

This looks neat, but I’m not french :<.

Is this another “abuse combine hl2 rp server?”
Not bad spelling just long name :3

What are you meaning ?

He means, when the Civil Protection basicly beat the s*** out of the citizens every waking second. Instead of actually doing their jobs of patrolling, reporting, etc.

Hm… i really like RP like this, but Winnmp is right… if you could find a way to “control” the amount of beating the Civil Protection can do, then it would make an old RP a lot better, so i might join in the future :slight_smile:

I made a rule about that and I don’t allow that practice against citizen.
So don’t worry, if a cop always beat everyone we blackmark it or he will lost his rank or whitelist.

Maybe I’ll do an access for English people because Frenchies aren’t very serious…

When are you allowing us glorious, capitalism-induced Americans to play?

When they stop bumping threads that should be dead.

Cool, Ill join sometime.