Dildos with c4 blowing off walls whike your sleeping

please take out c4 in the beta Garry, there is this group of Kevlar guys running around with c4 everywhere i go and blowing up my house please everyone comment because maybe we can get it removed.

I was writing a huge sarcastic post, but I think it would be wasted on you.

stop saying dildos, it’s more annoying than fun.

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better, it isn’t fun, it is silly.

but he loves dildoes


I highly doubt C4 will be removed, it’s a huge part of the game that makes it fun. If you build your house securely, ensuring no staircases can be built on the side and you build it high up, requiring them to blow through lots of metal doors before getting to your chest room, then you’ll be fine.

make them waste as much c4 as you can. you could do this by having multiple doors or even fake chest rooms or spread out you supplies between rooms. no ones going to want to waste a ton of c4 on 1 house

I wish we could do that but when you leave your house to collect resources you either: A) Get attacked by every person you see or B) there are no resources for you to build a house that big.
Since the server wipe, I haven’t been able to get any resources because of the two reasons I stated above. The OP has a point, it’s a huge problem for people who are trying to build up.

Its not a problem at all puddles, your obviously not that good at the game as its not hard to go out and get lots of resources, and there are obviously enough resources to make bases like what bru posted because I have done it several times now as have sooooo many others…

Why not just make it extremely harder to get, and it can’t be craft able?

Wouldn’t matter if he built a secure base if the legit people don’t take hackers will

It isnt a problem for all the no real lifers out there who have enough time to build 5 mega bases a day but it is a problem for everyone with a job or a girlfriend or any other activity besides rust. When i log off sleep ~7 hours work ~8 hours and when i come back on theres no ~5 hour made house left cause it got blown up and grieved this isnt fun at all for my kind of ppl.

wow… just wow.

Yes make stong houses and you will see , nobody will stolle you

sadly the game is being designed to allow for griefing extreme. 2 obvious changes need to be made even at this early stage to make the game actualy enjoyable for any length of time-

  1. Prevent other people from being able to alter your house design.

sadly they have not hinted towards this and i can only presume it is because they find it to much hard work for them to be bothered, the only comment i have seen towards this from a dev is to make actual construction time longer when you place something, this is laughable at best, prevents nothing and only makes it harder for people to start off construction of their building. (not been on for a while so sorry if a dev has said something counter to this since).

  1. Get rid of C4

it will always be easy for a large group to get enough to blow the shit out of whatever they want and grief whoever they need. It makes entry into a house far to fast and prevents anyone from being able to do anything about it. The best times I have had in this game is fending off and winning against a large group 3v17 as they sieged our house…nearly 85% of that fight was spent with them trying to actualy get to the house, my house design was epic, but ofc it could still be griefed and altered at will and eventualy was (never mind the pillar glitch which totaly fecked it up but that is irrelevant). The point is, that entery to a house should be far slower and allow the people defending to actualy put up a good defence beyond…they are in…shoot them if you can. I would suggest that a large fire should need to be built up against a wall or metal door and the defending side should have a chance to put this fire out with enough water etc…this fire should take a decent amount of time for entry into a house. This would make sieging someones house a real siege event where real tactics where needed. You may not like the fire suggestion thats fine, the idea is that it takes time for the attackers to gain entry and defenders can actualy do something to prevent it.

These two single changes would completely change the dynamics of this game for the better. Ofc I know most of you will reject it and are happy in the griefers paradise that the game is, you want to blow that door open in 5 seconds flat, shoot the guy then cap off his building because…well just because you can…he looked at you funny right ^^. It gets old and boring fast for both sides.
I doubt i will be back for any serious play until something along these design choices are taken and implemented.

Flame away! (the sad part is that people who will flame to keep it griefers paradise will never come back to the forums after they got bored and left the game)

people rly complaining about c4? so if c4 gets shoved away i can build my metal house and be safe forever cuz u cant blow up my door or walls :slight_smile: gg wp

facepalm he must have been trolling, he’s asking for Garry to remove the Meta which is unheard of to happen in any game. It’s like playing WoW and asking for them to remove Raids and dungeons and PVP.

two problems :

1/ if you remove the ability to build on another persons building, how do clans work together to build a large fort.

2/ if there is no c4, the entire point of raiding becomes obsolete, and you might as well play minecraft.

all the people who qq about c4 should take the time to make a charge one day … its not easy the resources required for a single charge is quite a bit, and also time consuming to craft. Building large quantities of c4 takes very large quantities of resources… gathering them is very time consuming, crafting the sub ingredients is very time consuming … making a single charge once you have the ingredients requires a full 2 minutes.

IF you dont craft them, the only other way to get them in small quantities is by contesting a drop … try going to one of those airdrops and find out how difficult a fight that is to obtain the prize.

bambi’s need to stop qq’ing and learn to play the game. if you get raided, then go out and spend many hours getting ingredients and crafting and raid someone else. its the core part of the game that makes it fun. Ontop of that, build lots of doors in your base, surround your base with lots of pillars … you will quickly find that your base becomes very hard to raid due to the sheer amount of c4 required and in turn the sheer amount of resources and time someone has to invest in order to do that raid.

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oh and REPAIR !!!

if your being raided, stand behind the door and spam repair. its very simple.

1/ put metal fragments on your toolbelt.
2/ spam the number that corresponds to that tool belt slot whilst facing the door.

Heck I held out in a wooden shack with 8 guys hacking away at it, purely cause i had a crate inside with lots of wood and spammed the heck out of my wood making it repair as fast as they damaged it.

Clans work together by you know, still working together. Use your imagination, it is pretty easy and thats without going overboard and saying hey, make tools so clans can work together and lock / unlock a building when needed (almost like a proper game!).

Raiding is not taken out at all, it just means 5 second raiding is taken out. And btw, you cant reapir a door when someone places enough c4 to blow it in one go ^^.

I am far from a bambi. I just like to point out poor game design when i see it, these changes would make for a far better game all around.

i think that if anything what garry should do is add in the ability to make better walls other than wood so they would also have to blow up those as welll… the other night i was barricaded inside my house by a bandit crew of 5 while they built onto my neighbors house and when i mean build i mean putting barricades up with loot boxes below them so they could jump onto the barricade to get to the second lvl then they continued to put more loot boxes on the side of the house itself where your not even suppose to be able to put them to blow up the second lvl wall of the house to get his loot!!! so i think that part should be taken out “the ability to build loot boxes on the side of a building” or make it so you can build steel walls or something of the sort to help those of us who are just starting to get established better and be able to fend off incoming attacks. also they should deeply consider making a map! because yesterday i was lost for 7 hours walking around the map i went so far out of the map that i was seeing nothing but desert land and no animals of any such!!!