Dillon's DarkRP Jobs Coding

I am currently doing DarkRP Job and Shipment coding I charge $5 dollars per server i do!

Great jobs are done promised to be done in 1 Day!

Worked on many servers including:
Orbital Gaming and More!

Email me at Dking2756@gmail.com for more details!

i have 200 servers can you handle that much

sarcasm off the charts, nobody wants your overpriced shit

really that much i mean if they are all the same then yeah

$5 hahaha wtf

its cheap not everyone has alot of money you know

I’ve helped countless people set up DarkRPs, and sometimes done entire jobs.lua’s for them. Literally takes me less than 30~ minutes for about 15 jobs, depending on how customized the jobs they want. It’s a copy-paste job.

If you really want to advertise a “service” like that, I would recommend CoderHire.

no, its literally super expensive like 50x the price it should be. if someone added me on steam asking me to do it id do it for free even if i didn’t know them

Who the hell is Dillon. What kind of name is that

Have you just made that avatar in photoshop with gradient layer effect?

Name has the word mafia in it. Worked on a server named DarkMafiaRP.

Seriously though, I would go to coderhire for this stuff.

A Normal guy with normal brain can do darkrp jobs.

They can even fucking learn it there is a wiki for it.

If people dont know how to add jobs they can use Job makers likes Custombeasts and Deadeyesclassmaker :smiley:

if i pay u $5 can u make me a swat job

Must be a real pain to copy and paste from the wiki. God damn. If someone can’t make themselves their own jobs, they have no reason to be running a server… Damn…

Sorry to put your very considerate and not at all overpriced / useless offer out of business.

http://thinkingwithddos.us - Website by Knoxed; disregard the URL it’s quite misleading.

ill make you even more if you want

Hi umm not being funny but isn’t this sort of thread not allowed. I believe Garry said to go to code hire not post in the ‘development’ section meant for ‘coding’ and ‘developers’ to discuss and help each other. Not to make money. :L

I don’t think… I don’t even…

This post hurt my brain, how mentally slow do you have to be to not realise… Fuck it.

Can I get the number 2 SWAT job special with a side of overpowered weapons?

Y’know. There’s a wiki on how to make jobs, even a fucking monkey could make a job.

(In the instance that you are a monkey: http://deadeye.comule.com/classmaker.php)