DImageButton position problem

I’m trying to create a menu with different buttons to go to different servers. I’m trying to get the buttons to line up correctly with the menu background in most likely the most inefficient way which is by slowly increases the position number till it’s right.

The problem is this:

That seems to be as high as the button will go and I can’t get it any higher no matter how much I try. This is my script:

PropHuntButton = vgui.Create("DImageButton", panel)
		PropHuntButton:SetPos(ScrW() * 0.213, ScrH() * 0.0000000001)
		PropHuntButton:SetSize(340, 340)

I did do a extremely small number for the height position of the button to see if it would move but it’s still stays in the same place no matter how small I make the number. If i make the number bigger then of course it just moves the button down which isn’t what i want.

Does anyone know what is going on and how i can fix it?

I think you should try minus-ing a number from the screen height rather than multiplying it (unless the HUD does that to position itself)

any screen res * 0.0000000001 will pretty much be 0 anyway. If you’re using relative positions and not relative sizes it won’t line up