Dimension Shift Movie

I am making a looong stop motion movie.
I have about 15 000 pictures now.
Trying to get a movie to last at least 1 hour. :stuck_out_tongue:
Im sort of out of models to use. Ive used em all.

(Just jump over this part if you dont care :P)
A science team discovers a way to open a portal to another dimension.
The project goes horribly wrong and our two dimensions
become one. Causing havoc in both worlds.
I take it from there :stuck_out_tongue:

Models have to be ragdolled like the HL2 characters ,or L4D characters.
List of what i need.
(Would be nice if some of these already were released somewhere.)

  • Civilians in all kind of clothes(MW2 airport)
  • Fully ragdolled monsters(Got dinosaurs, giant snake and such)
  • Futuristic weapons
  • Gibs(Heads ,feet ,arms ,hands and so on)
  • A huge fuckin gorilla. Fingerposable(Yes ,King Kong size)
  • I need a giant wolf as well. Preferably black with red eyes.

Please tell me if any of these are already released.
I will credit those who make these models in the movie.

Thanks for your time…

For the gibs, use Headspack: