Dimensional Rifts!

Dimensional Rifts are are small rifts in space that you can travel through.

Unlike portals, you cannot see through them, and you are transported to are a random rift, not a specific linked portal.

Also unlike portals, the rifts are omni-directional.
This means that instead of an oval shaped hole on a wall, they are 3-dimensional holes. This also means that the physics are different. You come out of them in the same direction that you went in, not the orientation on the portal.

V1.5, 6/1/10:
-Added Tunneling Effect
-Improved flash effect
-Added better sounds
-Better teleportation (teleports the first time you touch a rift now!)

V1, 5/31/10:

The flash effect is by Kopimi.



Video By Kopimi:


And to stop and confusion about this and Lightspheres, and claims that this is just stolen code from them:

My particle code:

LightSphere particle code:

Cheaply done, needs more visual effects like tunneling or distortion. Otherwise it’s a bland teleport with some particle effects.

Could you make it so that while travellying through the rift you see a tunnel and float through it or something, also nice job that’s a good addon

Kopimi is pleased by being mentioned in the credits. Zen, I can see my cheap-ass flash effect isnt enough for some downloaders, so I’m working on a new snippet to add some tunnel vision and other post-processing. I’ll PM you when its done.

Nice. That’ll definitely improve the external tunnel effect I added :science:

Yay, now we got another way of teleporting!
I love teleportation.

cool, looks good. just a suggestion, you might want to use half life 1 portal sounds if you have them.

If u plan to update it often, then make svn :slight_smile: Also if u plan to make some traveling effect (like in stargates) then i have few ideas about that. The main idea is to make player no colide/not invisible for all and apply for him some cool effect in cl_init.

Can’t wait to see see the tunnel effect :eng101:

Me neither, could be pretty damn cool, and would make it a bit different from all the other teleporters out there.

Zen did you get my PM with the ripple effect?

Anyway, working on tunnel for you <3

Tunnel is done, because its whole concept is modification of your FOV you cant zoom out too much without seeing the edges of the viewmodels, so its not REALLY a tunnel effect, its moreso a zoom in if you will :v:

Anyway, videos. By the way, the zoom is more distinct and visible ingame, but Fraps messes with ingame timers so it doesnt look quite right, but you’ll get the gist of it from the below video:

that’s great, but I’m partial to a shorter flash. (not necessarily the other things.)


V1.5, 6/1/10:
-Added Tunneling Effect
-Improved flash effect
-Added better sounds
-Better teleportation (teleports the first time you touch a rift now!)


Can we get a video of the new tunneling effect?

I find myself filled with disgust and disdain.

Kopimi is pleased by your disdain.

I miss your WIP when it was a rectangular prism with a picture of the destination :frowning:

that wasn’t me.


I need to pay more attention :S