Dimensionally transcendental (Bigger on the inside)

I was wondering if someone could add an extra feature to the TARDIS Scripted Entity in the Doctor Who pack found here:
I have suggested the idea there, but the people there really don’t seem to get the idea. Basically I want an additional entity, the TARDIS interior (change the name of the already existing SENT to TARDIS exterior) that outputs the GPS co-ordinates of just next to the door of the interior (use the model in the pack for the interior) It also has 3 inputs, ExteriorX ExteriorY and ExteriorZ. (which will be wired up to the 3 extra outputs i want you to add to the exterior.) Then add 3 outputs to the exterior (ExteriorX, ExteriorY and ExteriorZ) which are the GPS co-ordinates of the exterior. (This will be wired to the inputs i said before) On pressing E on the door of the interior, you are sent to the co-ordinates of the exterior. Then add more inputs to the exterior, InteriorX, InteriorY and InteriorZ which will be wired up to the co-ordinates exported by the interior. On pressing E on the exterior, you will be sent to these co-ordinates. (There’s already a function on it for USE, remove that)

Extra Stuff:
Could you make it so that the code adds a few units to the exterior co-ordinates so you dont appear inside the exterior entity, but rather next to it?

You will be credited when i link the creator of the doctor who pack to this, and whether this is actually used in the pack or used as a proof of concept, they will most likely credit you.

If there’s anything you don’t understand about that idea, ask me. It’s a scary, badly written chunk of writing so i dont expect anyone to be able to absorb all that.

Thanks in advance, godly lua coder :slight_smile:

it’s no wonder they didn’t understand that. i’m having trouble. do you mean just make it bigger on the inside than the outside?

No, because that’s impossible. The reason i gave it that title was because it would APPEAR to be like that. Any lua coders wanting to help that are confused about a particular aspect, ask me. What’s confusing about it? I might draw up a diagram if you guys need one.

You want it so when someone presses ‘use’ on a tardis entity, it teleports them to a magical room that happens to have been included with gm_construct that looks like the tardis’ inside and is big?

No, I want it so that when someone presses USE on the TARDIS entity, it teleports them to a magical room that is actually a SENT using the TARDIS interior model from the pack i linked which you just happened to spawn and wire up.

Can props be put in the void that are still hollow?
If so You could spawn a tardis were ever and when it is spawned it creates a larger space in the void.

That’d be a hell of a lot harder. My original idea wont be a problem, i think. Besides, what if something went wrong and you needed to manually fix it?