Dimensions of Rust

I was just wondering, what are the dimensions per “grid” in rust…

Using foundations as a reference point… How many feet/inches square would it be?

Trying to convert an existing R/L building to a Rust building and would like it to be to scale :wink:

Maybe get a friend to help, go to a sleeper server, have friend stand on one corner of the foundation, facing along one of the edges, then log out. Sleeper lays down.
Assuming your average game character height is two meters, you can use his laying body as a sort of ruler to estimate how wide/long the foundation is. Maybe even stand where his head is, have him log back in stand where you are and log back out, lather rinse repeat. (someone mapped out the size of WarZ using a similar technique, except via prone, but similar concept)

Not a bad idea… Average height of a man in the UK is 176cm, 5’9.6

Could be a start :wink: Will have to try it out when I get home.

Thinking laying a sleeping bag down would be fairly accurate, probably closer to 2 meters actually… Thank you for the train of though Killa, appreciate it :wink: