Wanted to try out something different. By that I mean something oddly creepy.
This was super trippy to pose. I kept messing up my mouse movements because I had forgotten the orientation of myself.
It was fun at the same time though.
Hope y’all enjoy it as I’ve been getting positive feedback on my compositions.
This is probably my most favorite picture I’ve taken.

I like the perspective, you’ve got an eye for an angle.

This reminds me of that Vioxtar background

Thank you, I try my best :wink:

One sec i’m gonna try something

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Holy shit, its perfectly positioned for a background!

Oh wow, it really is isn’t it? The black on the left side makes the menu options easy to read as well. Now I’m even more proud of my work haha.

be careful with the JPEG quality, the shot is very heavily compressed

input the command “jpeg_quality 100” before taking shots, or use “poster #” to get lossless PNGs that you can convert into high quality JPG