Dinasty Warriors Gundam 3 Models

If anyone could port them, i will be very pleased. Extra points for Zaku II and Zaku II char. I want those 2 specially.

Support. I’ve been wanting to get a picture with Wing Zero and Optimus Prime together for some time. (Odd how little Transformers v.s. Gundam there is. Most I’ve ever seen on it.)

P.S.: Spelt Dynasty wrong.

SUPPORT I LOVE GUNDAM and wing zero is my fav nothing is more scary that seeing a 60 foot tall this>

that gundam is amazing and i don’t care about anything you anime haters say ,This Is AWESOME

Well Turn X is the best Gundam. Check the Moonlight Butterfly

0079 is where it’s at fuckers, that’s the series that started it all.

0083 stardust memory was my favorite series got me into gunpla as well

Something I just remembered about, if ripping from Dynasty Warriors: Gundam turns out to not be an option. The downloadable game Boot Fighter, aren’t those all Gundams? Or based off of actual Gundams? Might be abe to get something from there.

i mostly want the GM and the Zaku

I don’t have zaku II from dynasty warriors but to some interest I do have a model of a zaku II I’ve been working on.


Floater Two skinned it, which is a huge downside since these things have texture sheets that will make someone want to eat their own feat.

are you planning to release that?

i agree that model looks too good to not release unless theres a problem with uv maps or something

The UV maps are incredibly difficult to skin, I Might release it if I can actually manage to get it up to release worthy standards, though I have an large amount of work to do on it, as well as the Ground Gundam/GM Head model I’m still working on.


hey is that zaku based off the ms 08th team series?

Floater skinned it, so he may of come upon an 8th MS Team reference picture of one.

This makes me want to see a “nooo Zaku” Gouf…
if there is one.

BUMP I’m not letting this die.

this will never die!

Could you post exaclty front pics of your zaku? i think the legs dont have the zaku touch

And there was a Gundam mod for bootfighter. If someone can port models from there… Or even port models of Universal Century Gundam Online



Its just the head and the legs, it feels weird

And you could upload the zaku II without the MS team decal? I want to make custom Zakus

hey mr. 95 are you still working on the ground gundam?