Dine'N Dash gamemode 🍭

So a friend of mine @Bumpy had made this one of many gamemodes in gmod,
this one called gourmet race.

Permise of the game / original gmod version

a side scroller race type of gamemode, where everyone starts at the start line on the left of the map and have to race to the end, running on the ground the more you run the faster you get, but there are obstacles to jump over and such which causes you to lose momentum,
players can collect candy along the way which gives them points, and the higher place you win the race the more points you get, so sometimes its not more ideal to keep jumping to the end, you should take risks to grab the candy on the floor incase you win 1st but jumping away but the guy in 2nd collected a ton of candy and got more points overall.

Oh also everyone has a hammer and can hit each other while running, launching people forwards, backwards and upwards, so people have to use that wisely or else they launch a dude from 5th place to 1st, which always amused me in the gmod version, and there are also powerups (attacks more so) you can collect along the way, that do stuff like make the ground below slippery which will cause you to not be able to gain speed running on it, ones that explode and launch people backwards, ones that stick you down for a second, and a rare one that teleports you ahead a bit, there are a couple more but that gives you the gist of what they are.
here is kinda what it was like in gmod, although will look alot different in sbox, and have different sounds and visuals, but will try keep it similar to it.

plan for s&box

we plan on calling this Dine’N Dash in sbox, its hopefully gonna be a simple yet fun little gamemode to make and play just so we can get the grips of what we are doing, and do have plans for alot more “advance” gamemodes although this one is still alot more different that most sandbox based ones, and this one will still have work done and stuff added to it, since i did in gmod, only problem was almost 0 people played it since everyone only plays the top 5 gamemodes in the server browser :cry:

but yeah for it we have decided we want to make all new assets, or using some assets that are free to use from online that fit, but mostly we want as many models to be made from scratch and maps to use them, and textures we ideally want to use custom ones, but if they fit will use base sbox ones too.
but we want to stick to the citizen guy type style not like basic colours, at least some texture but more like simular to tf2 where it isnt photo real, but at the same time the textures look good and nice.
since that type theme fits well with the goofy type of game mode we are making.
here is some previews of models he and i have made (well map assets and some of the candy items i made) and the really early in progress map
you will see some of the random models i make in this thread throughout time.

and yes i will try get my skeleman in there as a playermodel,


Adding onto the post, our plan is to create a collection of toy-based minigames. You jump into a machine that shrinks you down to a toy sized version of yourself and you get dropped into a minigame.

Gourmet Race is a gamemode I coded with a buddy of mine in GMod a couple years back. It’s based upon Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star.

Because we already have the main concepts down and theme it’ll be the first thing we’ll be making in S&Box when it comes out. Currently NotGaylien and I are working on remastering the Ruins map, each round will now have its own stage, instead of playing the same one 4 times. The new “join friend” option should make this a fun gamemode to quickly play with Steam friends.

Currently it’s still in blockout-phase, but slowly we’re starting to make more and more nice models.


this is where my little godzilla citizen playermodel will be used in other stuff, i have also done stuff on a couple other gamemode ideas, but as of now dine’n dash will be our main focus.
since with what bumpy mentioned to me, we need to have dedicated servers in order to get this idea connected together, if not we can still make multiple different gamemodes, just preferred to connect them together since we can add more customisation and other cool things too then.

but yeah we have been planning these ideas out originally since a year or two ago once we first heard of sbox, but since the start of the year when it was on source 2 and alot of stuff was getting done, we started ideas on what we were gonna make, and what it should be like and such, and as of the past month we began to make alot of assets and such towards it, got a backend plan on how everything will be done, and how we are gonna do it and get everything rolled out.

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This looks really good. please also if you can make versions of maps that look like “pyroland” as i think it would be a amazing fit for the mod. if you dont know what it is you can learn about it here


This sounds like a good idea for a gamemode!
can’t wait to see what this becomes


btw can i get some opinions referencing the video above, (this one)

so for the tub guy type style
do you think the wood based props i made so far for the map revamp works well?
i dont want to rush in making them all without making sure they all fit well together.
(tub guy / citizen / terry / fat handed twat, and the skeleton are there for reference on the style, the rest of the props are the main focus)

making the gamemode is cool and all but i rather have some new props to use that are fresh and fit better?
anything i could improve, or inconsistent??
although i will have to see them when we have them in game to see what is off more so, but any inconstancy issues as of now anyone sees now that i could fix?
(one thing i think i could do is make the boxes on the right have darker wood on the outer planks to make them pop a little better.)

btw we have been working alot on the map and assets atm,
i do want to get some custom animations (hammer swing, maybe a new dance, maybe a jump and so on, although it all depends on what the base running and jumping animations look like in the base game), but i am waiting for the new rig to come out that one of the devs mentioned a few days ago or so, that way i wouldn’t be wasting time trying it now and having to fix or redo it later on for the new rig.

once we are able to i think we will get the map in and make sure its playable gameplay wise, then i imagine bumpy will focus more on getting the gamemode to actually play and test it and i will carry on focusing on all the models and assets, i can try do alot of that while he codes the gameplay in so it gets to a playable state quicker, then we can go and make it look better once the bulk of it all is done,
although as of now while we cant do that yet, he is working on the map and importing the models into alyx since i dont have it, and is also making some models and such too for map decoration and detailing to make it look more delicious to the eyes of thy player.

And im trying to get alot of the key obstacles, candy and soon one i am done with that i hope the powerups all done for the gameplay that will be used or needed, then i can shift my focus onto making assets for decoration purposes.


The props you’ve made so far fit the cartoony style of Terry. If ya keep that art style up it’ll all fit imo.


Bumpy you never really left the Gmod tower era have you :slight_smile: ? This project really reminds me of it, I hope it all goes well.

quick update on the model progress, got some more done, still want to retexture the crates slightly, but since 5 days ago where i had done:
crate, little crate, bigger crate, log, stump basket and hammer

i have gotten done:
swinging platform, minecart wood, minecart metal, wall torch (need particles for that though still) and a flatbed truck.

what i still wanna do is repurpose the front of the truck and make a dumptruck out of it with a new texture, also i want to make it so you can recolour the front of the truck so you can have more variation from that same model, also i still gotta make some trees and some little plants and such for decoration, but other than that its mostly getting done for the essential main platform type model wise for that first map (other than the dumptruck and maybe 1 other i still gotta check, but im pretty sure it was only the dumptruck from what i last checked), we should be able to reuse some of the models in later maps aswell and other gamemodes

also 2 more devs are joining us in the development, they worked with us in the past on gamemodes and other stuff throughout the years, so when we get to actually making it, it will go quicker than just the 2 would be able to do.

oh also there are a few things that are private but we are also getting some sound effects and such in the works for the gamemode, so everything we can ideally rough out now are slowly bit by bit getting done, so maps, models, a couple of sounds and such, then once we put it all all together we can adjust them accordingly to what fits better.


Cartoon models? Really?

Does this mean you’re not going to use the Kirby sounds anymore?

it depends on how our stuff sounds, if it sounds really bad we will see something else.
since if they are not right it will really throw the entire theme and flow of the gamemode off, but who knows. still got alot of decisions for us to make in that part of it, for now its alot of blocking out and me just making models for stuff.
at the end of the day we are just modeller, mappers and coders, not suited towards sound design but we will try our damned hardest to if we can achieve it.

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Looks very arcade/minigame -esque and I like it :smiley:


Love it, the map and models look great :slight_smile:


love it :star_struck:

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yeah we plan on making a few of these type quick minigame like gamemodes for people to hop on and chill on with people or mates, we have a good 6-8 ish semi to decently fleshed out different ideas (only a couple are in out main focus rn, this one being almost all our focus), but this should be one of the more “simple” ones for us to get into making so it can be used for the coders to get their bearings with what is going on and what they are doing.

Really wanna avoid rushing into a massive extravagant idea and getting tripped up and dropping the ideas, i really hope that does not happen to other people aswell, there is some really amazing ideas out there which i would love to see people achieve, just hope they dont rush into it and get tripped up.

but for now this is our main focus so those other ideas are on hold till we get this done or mostly done since we will mess around with it more later on after we get the base gamemode done.


tiny update, got pretty much most of the base map models for the first map done, still need a decent bit of tweaking on textures to get them more consistent and models, but got a few things also done

  • dump truck (using the flatbed truck).
  • a fern which i really gotta sort the texture out on.
  • some ivy, type stuff to decorate the cliff in the background of the map.
  • and a quick dirty tree to also decorate the background with.

but mostly got alot of the base ideas down i can go about tweaking them when it comes to testing.
mainly have spent past few days just figuring out how to do plants without sending the vert count to hell, and also been busy for a day or so with other work, but still doing this as a main focus.
think im gonna start moving back to making the actual ingame items like the candy, powerups and so on for gameplay purposes, also really want to start messing with animation on the citizen so i can add the hammer swing and so on for the gamemode, and then once i get all that done later once we got the base gamemode down we can start testing so we can see what needs to change and so on for the models, textures and all that funky stuff.
might make a few more models for the map later on, but for now this is the basic idea for them all,
ALSO the model sizes are here are not 100% accurate, since i sent all the models to bumpy to import and test in hl:a since i dont have that game and he is currently making and decorating the map / (0-0 maps). and importing all the models for me and messing with shader stuff, so i dont know the exact sizing he resized some of the too, but they are almost around the scale i saw him set them too and i estimate that they will be like ingame, although who knows what they will be like when we gotta test, some could have to change a lot who knows.

Also some other WIP / Behind the scenes stuff

here are some things bumpy had been doing with models and map stuff, also sorting out that sway that the plants do on a old texture test version of the fern (changed a decent bit since then), Although alot of this is older wip stuff in the middle of testing out sorting models and such, and is heavy WIP on models, textures, lighting and all that stuff, will change a fuckton when we get to actually doing the gameplay / playable gamemode.

this one really amused me but alas we cant be leaving fucked stuff like this ingame.
also the texture of that fern has changed, and is gonna change again, i made it like that style to figure out plants, gonna actually make a texture that fits into the style better for our theme though.

Ignore the fucked normals, you will only ever see this from a distance and it will have flame particles coming out the top. which will hide alot of them.

again alot of WIP so lighting and such is subject to a fuckton of change when the map gets decorated with alot more textures, same with model scales/size and shape, texture issues and so on, some of them were just quickly rescaled to look better or quickly baked to just be put in and positioned right, but i am gonna go back later once we got the size about right and adjust the models manually as much as i can to fit better and rebake them.
Like this with crates, i wanna rebake them to have this different coloured wood around the outer planks, similar to this but i really gotta adjust it alot to look less off and actually go about sorting the sizes so they are not inconsistent like this screenshot.

also again most or all my models will be in my random model thread i mentioned in the original post if you wanna see them up closer


Stuff looks good. Feel like the wind effects on the branches of your tree/bush wobbles a little too much. Maybe the start of the branch should wobble less if possible?
Or maybe it just looks off cus it’s a floating bush idk

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yeah atm its just using whatever basic stuff that can be used since bumpy is more of a coder and mapper than modeller, he does know a decent bit of that stuff too though, but i do want to go in and mess more with shaders and such more whenever i can.
from what i heard in hl:a you can specify a wind texture where it can specify what should sway chaotically and what should sway normally on the uhhh uv or verts of the model (not sure which or what it does since i cant mess with it myself) but i hope if s&box uses similar shader as that, so i can add a texture that can make the stem of the branches still or sway less and the leaves sway more “chaotic” but who knows i need to see and test for myself to see if thats possible and if i can do it when s&box comes out unfortunately.

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Incredible update, can we see some of it in game? ( Or you don’t have access yet? [ Which would seem kinda odd { Because it would look nice in S&box and you put } ] )

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this looks really nice I hope you get a key!

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