Dino Crisis Regina (custom model)

Wanted to model Regina for awhile, modeled her stungun as well.
The head and hair is heavily edited from the Mila character in DOA5
In the future I may model Dylan as well.
I wanted to do a few poses but Gmod keeps crashing on me so I’ll leave that to you guys.
I have included a IK chain script for her use in SFM.

*SFM comparability
*face posing
*finger posing

bodygroup 1 sub0-no holster sub1-holster/gun sub 3-holster no gun
bodygroup 2 sub0-holster2 sub1-no holster
bodygroup 3 sub0-bag sub1-no bag
bodygroup 4 sub0-stungun sub1-no stungun

Glock bodygroups

bodygroup1 sub0 slide sub1 slideback
bodygroup2 sub0 mag sub1 no mag

mag bodygroups

bodygroup1 sub0 no bullets sub1 bullets







modern warfare2 -glock model
resident evil 5-holster
Dead or alive 5, face/hair
Me for body,stungun
If you use the body in a headhack/mod/other conversion ect please at least credit me for modeling part. show me a link too I like to see what other people do with them :3


Xnalara version-converted by IIReII

This looks amazing! Good work.

you released it. cool!

:open_mouth: Its looks wery good thanks plasmid.

Take all my wieners,I mean…winners.

Genuine model Plasmid, very good

cool! nice to see you released it after all that work you put into it! well done!

Woah I just started playing Dino Crisis the other day! What a coincidence

that face of a 6 year old bothers me but solid work overall

Thanks, and does Mila’s face look that young?


not in that pic, but on Regina it’s a total babyface, at least in those preview shots

japanese designers…

WOW, just wow. Which models did you use for the this mesh mod? I wished that capcom did a remake of the DC series.

Wht do you expect from a culture that sells lolicon manga on the highstreet?


All hail Plasmid. All hail Plasmid.
Oh, say! can you see by the…

please fix her right shoulder.
or is there a specific reason why
her shoulders are almost “blurred
out” on your release pics?
(that would imply you knew about
the issue and fooled the people with
edited pics). i’m not insinuate anything,
just wondering.


what models I used is listed, the body I modeled from scratch

well shit I didnt notice that when I had it in gmod, Fooling sounds like a funny word to say make hard edges look smooth…
Ill look into this, should be a 4 minute fix.

Dont forget about the womens underwear in vending machines haha

thank you kindly.

Ok regina’s arm is fixed download link updated, was just a rigging issue forgot to apply some blend on the skin.

Holy frigging crap I was hoping someone would make this! Now if that MGS Soldier porting thread became successful, Christmas would come early this year!

Okay look, I’ll say it here: Jill Valentine was a great port (re5 type anyway), but this Regina…this Regina is something fantastic that I thought I’d never see in gmod! Thankyou…THankyou soooo much. In fact my nastalgia vein is bursting right now. So many kudos your way, you don’t even know.