Dino D-Day Game (NOT the mod) models that work in G-Mod

Like title sais its from the FULL GAME that got released yesterday. I already tried to copy them over, but when I tried to spawn them g-mod crashed :S. So I wonder if there is a way to fix this.



And maybe the Pteradon and the human classes.

Learn to type, also there might be a way you can port the free version of DinoDDay’s models.

Not all of them, but :


Like I said, I did not ask the ones from the mod which are those :frowning:

What? Those are from the mod, You said you wanted the ones from the mod, Which ARE those…

Could someone grab the Marines from Dino D-Day too? There are 2 packs of Marines on Gmod.org but look horrible and not nearly as good as these Marines look.

Those are from the old version of the mod that was released a long time ago when Dino D-Day was supposed to be just a free SP mod. The models in the Dino D-Day that was just released are very different.

It no longer is a MOD but it is its own game now and if you read my first post I clearly stated FULL GAME

Sorry for reviving this thread but is there anyway the models of Dino D-Day (Game NOT Mod) can be made compatible with Garry’s Mod or does Garry’s Mod need to have new source engine aswell?