Dino D-Day Model Fixes

If you know me, then you’ll know that I’m quite fond of dinosaurs. Dino D-Day has some surprisingly good models, but they’re kinda useless because most of 'em have poor posing and/or giant weapons attached to them. I would love it if someone could modify them to make posing easier or remove said weapons; it would definitely help fix Garry’s Mod’s lack of decent dinosaur models. I’m not sure what I can do in terms of assistance or compensation, but I’ll do what I can if someone helps out! Thanks!

No takers, huh? Well, thanks anyway…

It’s only been a few hours, give it time.

I suppose, but it’s been my experience that things like this either get replied to quickly or not at all.

Are your models from the mounted game or are they downloaded? There might be better versions on gmod.org, also the Primal Carnage and Turok ports are pretty high quality.

They’re just from the game. I like the Turok models, but they’re really inaccurate.