Dino D-Day models

Can some one make them work for garrys mod please, some of them work just by copying the files across but a lot of them don’t work.

Try this.

Those are outdated with the new version, there is new models.

Yes. These models are from the MOD. The models we wants are from the actual GAME.

You’d need to take a very close look at the mdl file. I’ve tried decompiling them some time ago and apparently they include stuff that makes the decompiler crash about half way trough. Got legs and eyeballs out

Apparently that must be what makes them not work in GMOD when you just put the models and materials folder into GMOD. I’m guessing that the DDD team don’t want their models in GMOD.

It’s got nothing to do with Gmod. The models most likely use some new feature the team added in.

Shame. I was counting on posing the new Compy ragdoll.