Dino D-day stuff?

What I really want is the character models from the allied team, as they seem extremely useful, but the weapons, props and dinosaurs would be icing on the cake. Any chance of anyone doing this?

Here’s the allied characters.

The models seem to use a new mdl format which makes converters crash half way trough. You could probably fix it by combing the whole thing with a hex editor, but that takes dedication :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn it. :argh:

Oh well. :smith:

Yes! We need to get that Marine and them headhack the fuck out of him!

I like the US troop guys a lot, but I’m more interested in the Non-US allied guys (the british dude, the german defector, the polish and french ladies) and the dinosaurs. Sure wouldn’t turn down the two US guys, though.

where can you find that dilhoposaurus???

One last bump.