Dinosaur Heads?

If possible I would like to have only the heads of dinosaurs, but in such way that you are able to actually put something inside its jaws. The Turok dinosaur jaws can open and close but if you put something in it and then close it it gets moved out.

Don’t they have dinosaur models with moveable jaws?

They do but some sort of invisible hitbox makes stuff put in between the jaws pushed out, I want it to be inside the mouth :slight_smile:

No collide the dinosaur head with the object your putting between the jaws.

Thnx for the tip :slight_smile:

I have been looking at the way ropes and stuff connect to the inside of the mouth and it really are invisible boundries inside the mouth. Does No Collide make the object go through the whole jaws or would it stay inside the jaws? Also how would I be able to get myself inside it?