Dinosaur Models

I’m a dinosaur buff, and I’d like to have some detailed dinosaur models in Garry’s Mod. Unfortunately, I’m rather limited in what I can find. The Primal Carnage models are great, but they don’t have a lot of variety. The Dino D-Day models are also good, but most of them are wearing armor or weapons of some sort. There’s also the Turok dinosaurs (which are inaccurate) and the classic Dinosaur Pack (which has absolutely HIDEOUS textures; see below).


So, here’s my question: does anyone know of some good, high-quality models that they could import. If not, could they edit existing models to either reskin the Dinosaur Pack or remove the Dino D-Day armor? This would be extremely helpful to people like me who want to use dinosaurs in their Garry’s Mod pictures. Thanks!

I know there is the recent release of those dinosaurs from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis which look pretty decent in my opinion. You should be able to find them on garrysmod.org or steam workshop. Not sure how high of quality you are looking for. Crysis-like detailed dinosaurs would be tough to find since there really aren’t many dinosaur games these days, aside from some of the ones you mentioned.

I’ve seen the JPOG models; they’re actually just reskins of the Dinosaur Pack dinos, and they’re really low quality.