Dinosaurs in rust and other wierd creatures?

Don’t you think it’s kind of random and wierd if they add Dino’s and other creatures on that poll list that Garry gave us? Ya sure Dino’s sound cool but it just doesn’t fit into the game… Same with the aliens and other creatures… Now rust is bases on survival/military I guess. So why couldn’t they just add more wild animals , like make it feel more wilderness you know what I mean?.. For example animals… Like raccoons,lions,snakes,squirls… I think these kind of examples fits to the game. I feel like rust needs to be more wild life/environmental way. It’s pretty random seeing Dino’s and such in the game. It just doesn’t make any sense… Like bringing creatures from 3000 billion years ago to like a game based on military/survival… It just feels wierd. I love Dino’s but, it just doesn’t fit into this game… I want to feel more of the environment and such. Ik it’s in alpha but, since you guys brang up the poll to add something to replace zombies. I liked to tell you guys about this… So go ahead and discuss and what you guys think.

Dinos in rust,being totally serious,sound cool.They would fit the setting,and i can see naked players running away from raptors ;p

Or naked men riding them. :v:

Imagine a whole clan riding raptors to war,or a trader using his raptor to transport goodies.
That would be just awesome…


Hey, why not use the setup off the Terra Nova series?
Zing! Now we have a story! :v:

Not fond of the dino thing …I think that would make the game dated. Need to think bigger…

While I think a survival game like rust with dinos has the potential to be inredible fun, I’m not super enthusiastic about them being in rust. Maybe in a game where other players arent your primary enemy, and people all work together. When I think dinosaurs, I think huge, building sized creatures. Wouldnt that be more fun in a game where people work together to survive in a world with these monsters instead of a total free for all where players kill animals and people? Just my opinion.

With that in mind, who wouldnt love to play a Turok MMO? :wink:

At the first mention I heard of dinosaurs I was absolutely against the idea. Mainly because the feeling I got from the game was strictly post modern, radiation, gieger counters, post apocalypse sort of thing. Quite apart from the fact that several 10s of millions of years separate the existence of dinosaurs and humans, even if RUST was a real cave man simulator.

Then I remembered one of the best sci-fi stories I read in my youth, ‘The Drowned World’ by J.G. Ballard. - this short novel was published in 1954 and is a sci-fi story of global warming gone mad, a long time before global warming was ever ‘a thing’ and is an obvious inspiration to more contemporary stories like ‘Waterworld’ etc. Anyway, in this book cold blooded lizards have been increasing in size as the temperature and the sea level rises - so maybe one day the dinosaurs will come back? also if you picked mutant animals from the poll (which I did) then imagine a giant mutated carnivorous chicken. This is very close to what contemporary science suggests dinosaurs like raptors were like.

So I guess dinosaurs (or at least vicious predatory beasts not wholly unlike them) are not that hard to believe in all seriousness as long as your imagination is not restricted by contemporary preconceptions :wink:

I for one would much rather some fantastical beasts like that as opposed to predictable AI gunmen. for this game at least.

Fortunately for you, garry posted (in passing) about that: