Dinosaurs rushing into a city (No massive destruction inside)

Meh, don’t ask.


C&C, please.

Epic. Nice posing, the smoke/fog effects ruins the picture a little me thinks.
But nice scenebuild and all.

Yeah, my smoke always fails :frown: Maybe I should re-edit?

Oh yeah and thanks for fucking up my Steam. After you added me, when I start Steam it crashes about 10 seconds after starting.

Where is godzilla when you need him. Nice posing.

Kinda cool. Guy on the right looks like his knee is broken though.

Fucking awesome, we need more dinosaur poses.

What spinosaurus model/skin is that? Mind linking it to me? It’s very nice.

The body hanging out of the spinosaurus’ mouth is a great touch.

Looks like this pack. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=54165

running pose is little awkward. cartoontic

What citizen skins are those? & great idea too, posing is good. But why’s there so much trash all over the floor?

Well, dinosaur attacks leaves a mess. And it looks more impressive to. Link to dinos are above.

What, you’ve had a first-hand experience of a dinosaur attack? And I said citizen skins.

Citizen skin of course. My bad. And yes I have experience. I dated a dinosaur once. Or at least she looked like a raptor when ever she got mad:)

This song comes to mind.

Was gonna put that as thread music.

I’d also like to know that.
Thing is, I have the textures for them in my folder… But I can’t find them in game because my browse crashes every 15 minutes :confused:

They’re from that Casual Citizens Pack, by Half_Dead I think.

Alright cool, Hopefully now I’ll be able to track them down before it locks up >_<

I lol’ed at the people running, tho the fog looks weird.

Nice posing :smiley: