Dinosaur's "The Science of Gmod" Class

This was originally a segment from my other video “The Outer Zone.”

Quite the lecture, eh? Read the Textbook or he’ll detonate the mines that are under your desk and littered under the entire floor of the classroom. Class too boring? Think you can leave? You better, or you’ll meet certain doom.

This segment was inspired by a drawing my friend made of a dinosaur with a head resembling a toilet. It was a doodle of one of our middle school science teachers who seemed to always have us reading from the textbook. So that’s where the whole “read the book or be blown up” thing came from.

The voices were made by the person responsible for creating the original drawing: Aaron Cunningham. We loved the character, so he recorded an audio drama for it a few weeks after making the doodle. I made this video many years after the recording was made.

Fun fact: In middle school those many years ago, for some reason that has escaped me, my friends and I passed around notes of what the Dinosaur would do in random situations. This was during English class, and one of those notes contained what looked like a bomb threat (“I’ll detonate the mines . . .”). Our teacher found it later and she thought it was a real threat, so she wanted to speak with us after class since the note was found on the floor near our group. We told her it was a joke. Still I wonder what would have happened if she didn’t talk to us. Would that note have been in the news and we would have been responsible for a terror investigation? Maybe.

I really don’t know what to say, but uh.

That was dumb.

Nothing like listening to high pitched shrieking…

And then listening to it again pitched even higher…

I know this is one of the worst videos I’ve made, but the voices have always made me crack up, so that’s what lead to this video’s creation.

none of your videos are good though.

you remind me of Joseph Mengele

in that you think you’re creating something good or even brilliant but everyone else sees it as despicable

i’m proud of this metaphor

Eventually I will create something that people will like. Someday . . .

Keep trying

dude im dying that was so shitty and annoying it was fucking hilarious

That is exactly how to enjoy this video. Thanks!

the problem is that then people are laughing at you and not with you

That’s okay. I made them laugh at something either way.

if you honestly thought it was so shit that it was funny then your sense of humor has to be so shit that its really shitty