Direct chat + Door code = FAIL

Some various humorous events, and the reason why you should NEVER EVER say your door code in direct chat, while I admit what was done was very sly…it was also quite funny! enjoy!

EDIT - well I’ve got my comeuppance, someone saw this video and found out it was me! how? who? I don’t know…

Hilarious. I loved the video! :smiley:

Snake in the grass will bite your ankles… Especially if that snake tells jokes and plays humorous music!

Did they ever figure it out, Banana?

awesome video

that was truely epic , especially how you showed the reactions in chat…
you know what’s funny , most people aim to post vids where they get kills , but you didn’t get a single kill and your vids are on par with frankie’s (minus the killing part of course ) CHEERS MATE !

Just went back onto the server I always play on and first person to say anything in chat… Lowell… He had no idea banana duck made videos and still didn’t know it was you who took his stuff… Needless to say he does now

Hilarious video :dance:

Can someone post the link? I’m at work and The site always cuts off half the video on my tablet.

Brilliant. You managed to break into a house without killing a single person or without using one C4.


Had to create an account just to tell you how hard that backfired. Thanks to this vid the guy who you raided found out who it was, And then asked us to raid you last night

Enjoy your cleaned out base, for backstabbing your mate :slight_smile:

Fantastic video. Doesn’t drag and has a sort of story arc, always love videos like this.

tommo…that name rings a bell…I noticed some strange goings on in side chat earlier today…

So you’re telling me I got raided by the guys I raided? As well as yourself and others? you’re affiliated with sloppy? if that’s his name?

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So people have found me out? lol bloody hell the video only has 200 views when I last checked, how can something like that get found out so quick?

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what the hell has happened! I’ve been counter robbed!

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You are tommo from the server are you not?

What server is this?

dude I gotta know who told him! I’m not even mad, it was fun at the end of the day!

QQ more.

this thread is the epitome of rust:) Raid, Counter-Raid, Counter-Counter-Raid. Steal, KOS, Random Chicken Dance. the lesson? trust no one XD

Howd u put the video in your post instead of a link?

When you “insert video” delete the “s” of the

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…And wait a few days before you post the video! or your spoils of war get took back!

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I’m afraid I can’t share that information, my paranoia has reached level 9 and the most the server hates me…

Send it to me in a message! I’d love to play with you.

What are you on about? I hit his house with C4 after someone posted in chat asking for it to be raided. It took me 10 mins, I lost nothing only gained stuff. where is the QQ you dumbass…