Directional Lights

I’m working on improving the Combine Light addon by Robinkooli for NutScript HL2RP.

After initially fixing it to be spawnable, I now want to modify it to emit a directional light (similar to the one you can spawn with the tool gun) but the way the GMod STool does it seems pretty complicated and flat out too much for a entity that’s supposed to just emit a light… Does anybody know a quick and good way to do that? The light doesn’t need to be toggle-able.

I assume you mean env_projectedtexture. Fill’s out what you’re asking, heres a


It’s pretty simple actually, spawn the entity, parent to something else, set all the required key values, done. You can find code example in that very tool.

Thanks for the replies, I figured it out.

For further reference,

	self.dlight = ents.Create( "env_projectedtexture" )

		self.dlight:SetParent( self.Entity )
		self.dlight:SetLocalPos( Vector( -8, 0, 0 ) )
		self.dlight:SetLocalAngles( Angle( 0, 180, 0 ) )

		self.dlight:SetKeyValue( "enableshadows", 1 )
		self.dlight:SetKeyValue( "shadowquality", 1 )
		self.dlight:SetKeyValue( "farz", 500 )
		self.dlight:SetKeyValue( "nearz", 12)
		self.dlight:SetKeyValue( "lightfov", 155)
		self.dlight:SetKeyValue( "lightcolor", "125 200 255 600")
		self.dlight:Input( "SpotlightTexture", NULL, NULL, "effects/flashlight/hard.vtf" )