Directional Teleport Wire

Hello all,
I didn’t quite know where to place this, so I placed it in the Mods & Addons section.
The question is, is it possible to make a directional teleporter teleporting to the place you are facing? I already tried to do so by getting a jeep, 2 add gates, a hoverdrive controller, an advanced pod controller, a speedometer and a GPS: wiring the add gate to Speedometer X and GPS X, wiring the second add gate to Speedometer Y and GPS Y, and leave the Z untouched. Then wiring the hoverdrive X to add gate X and hoverdrive Y to add gate Y and hoverdrive Z to GPS Z. Then of course linking the adv. pod controller to the jeep and hoverdrive jump to adv. pod controller MOUSE1. This didn’t quite work as planned, and I have yet to figure out why. So again, is this possible? Preferably without E2 since E2 isn’t allowed on every sandbox server and I have no experience at all with E2.

Thanks in advance.

perhaps try posting on the wire forums themselves, they’d probably know how to help you

Nevermind, I got it: for anyone who wants to do the same, if you’re a little experienced with wire, you just need these things:
2 Rangers (had to figure out what they were by myself, suggest you do the same if you haven’t already, real handy-dandy)
2 Less than or equal to gates
1 Greater than gate
Constant value
Numpad output
Hoverdrive Controller

That’s about it, I guess. Maybe a thing or two missing, but if you’re a bit experienced with wire this might help you figure out what to do. Otherwise, do as Rizzler suggested and ask it on the wire forums. Also, if you ask, I’ll send you the map or the adv. dupe or something.