DirectX (Hardware version) keeps resetting to 7 whenever I change any video options

Okay, strange problem here. Whenever I change any video options in gmod after forcing directx 8+ it turns it back to 7. This wasn’t happening when I got off for a while several months ago. I’ve tried reinstalling, validating files, looking up on google, looking for it on the forums, and it seems that no one else has this problem.

I’m using windows xp 32 bit sp3. CPU is p4 3.40GHz, GPU is ATI Radeon HD 5750 1gb vram, and my RAM is 3GB (4 installed)

But yeah. I force it to use directx 9.8 (-dxlevel 98) and it works just fine, and then I change the video options, and it changes it back to directx 7.0
I understand I can just use mat_directx in the console, but when it flips back to 7.0, it removes the ability to set shadows to high.

This is mostly just an irritant, since it used to stay at whatever directx that I set it to, but it doesn’t anymore.

Thanks for any help, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I’m not computer illiterate, you can talk in complete computer speak, it won’t be lost on me. Thanks :smiley:

You shouldn’t be doing -dxlevel 98, that’s not supported. You should be doing -dxlevel 95

Awesome, that fixed the directx level changing when I mess with settings.
Now the video options aren’t saving when I exit out and start gmod back up. (like, shadows, anisotropic filtering, color correction, etc…) Only thing being saved is the directx level.

Take -dxlevel 95 out of your startup parameters; it won’t revert back to DX7 don’t worry.

Ah, thanks, everything is fixed now. -windowed -noborder -w 1440 -h 900 the ones in bold will cause problems too. That was what I had after removing -dxlevel 95 out of it.

Thanks again for the help :smiley: