DirectX Launch Error on Win 10 Laptop, but not on Win 10 Desktop.

I recently upgraded my laptop and desktop to windows 10. My desktop runs Garry’s Mod just fine with now problems, but whenever I try to launch Garry’s Mod on my laptop, I get this error: “Your DirectX Runtime is out of date. Download and install this file from Microsoft.”, it then opens my web browser to this page When I download and try to install it however, it says that an error occurred and refers me to a log file. In this log file, it says that it was canceled because I am running an “Unsupported window version”.

How can I fix this? Is there an updated version that supports windows 10 that I can download? If so, where?

Did you do a clean install on either of your computers? It sounds like you did a clean install on your desktop, but not your laptop, which would explain why it’s an “unsupported version”.

Otherwise, check Windows Update and check for optional updates as well, Microsoft typically sends DirectX updates through there.

you could also just try and re-install your graphics drivers since all graphics drivers come with their own distribution of directx much like how all first time install games also come with directx

I upgraded them then reset both of them. Also, how do I check for optional updates in wondows 10’s windows update?

Both have Nvidia’s Windows 10 drivers.

so re-install them?

windows key and type “device manager”

find it and uninstall everything and then make sure in “programs and features” that everything nvidia is gone and re-install them as normal

in fact theres a new driver out today under the 360.55

then try again

there is of course the case of the integrated graphics are running in which case you should also clear those too

just start off with that

You sure it’s the drivers? I haven’t had trouble with any other source games. In fact, every other game has worked just fine.

then dont bother then

should of really asked/mentioned that but oh well ignore that now
verify gmod on the laptop thats affected but also make sure that your drivers are actually there


double check to make sure you aren’t running the integrated ones and that your nvidia ones have kicked in if that laptop has switchable graphics

Verifying gmod did nothing and my graphics card is handling the load in games.

Reading the error, it seems that the version of directx it’s recommending I install isn’t compatible with windows 10. Perhaps it’s just recommending the wrong version.

You must install DirectX 9 in order for that error to go away.

Thanks man! That link helped out a lot. I can now run garry’s mod on my laptop!