Directx will not work... HELP!

Okay, so I installed the latest version of direct x about three times now because every time I opened Garry’s mod or any other game (Counter strike) it wouldn’t recognize that I had installed the newest version. For example, I bring up the video settings - advanced - and at the bottom of the screen it say’s two things

(this is almost exactly how it looks)

HARDWARE VERSION : Direct x 6.0 (Even though I installed the latest)


So maybe I am misreading this information but I’m pretty sure the games will not recognize that I’ve installed the latest.

Any ideas?? Help would be great.

I Appreciate it,

             - James

Oh yeah, I’m running an Intel[R] 82845G/GL/PE/GV I think…

The hardware version means that the current drivers you use don’t support anything newer than that. :slight_smile:

Oh my god. DirectX 6? It’s older than time. But anyways, drivers are not supported.

Dammit! I had an FX5500 but it stopped working one day and made my monitor display gray and black lines so I threw it away. Now I’m stuck with the stock graphics card which is a fossil. I really miss Gmod :frowning:

Is there anything I can do to make this game run better again?

In the first post it looks like you’re having this problem with all source games…?
Try asking on steam’s support site, then.

You can force it to use the directx version of your choice, by using one the following launch option:

    -dxlevel 90              (DirectX v9.0)
    -dxlevel 81              (DirectX v8.1)
    -dxlevel 80              (DirectX v8.0)
    -dxlevel 70              (DirectX v7.0)

But if your graphic card doesn’t support any DirectX higher than 6.0 this won’t help.

You might want to try to update your graphic card’s driver as well.