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I was bored and saw a cool moterbike on youtube using ballsockets and stuff to turn. So i decided to make a dirt bike. At first it was wheel powered but the wheels would sink into the ground when spinning to fast and it was kind of a pain in the ass, so i made it thruster powered. I’m king of happy with it but the part that is most disappointing is that i never made the handlebar move. Like, The front wheel doesn’t steer. Well, Atleast it’s decent looking and it’s got a nice suspension so you wont have a searing butt after riding it. I didn’t bother to add a seat to it either because really, It will just look stupid. It uses 2 simple cameras welded to it, If you really want you can just pose a ragdoll onto it. It just looks better than a guy sitting trough the whole bike or just lying on it. It was made using tf2 props, cs props, phx props and hl2 props and maybe even ep2 stuff, I don’t remember. I also used some wire models like buttons and whatever. I didn’t really use any reference picks. Only a few from the side, But i didn’t quite follow them anyway. About the engine, I just made it up so don’t expect it to be realistic. The chain was fail because there weren’t any smaller super slim plates. I know the expression is horrible by the way.

Top speed is about 85 km/h or so.

First one:

New one:

Feel free to make a video if you want because i wont. If you make one, Post it here and ill add it to this post with a thank you :slight_smile:



You also need jojobulls wheel pack if you havn’t got it already.

Hmmm well it has guns for handle bars, looks really ridiculous. The yellow plates on the side are to big also. The front fender is way to high above the wheel and generally looks like crap. The engine section wouldn’t look to bad except it has 6inch exhaust pipes all over it.

The suspension looks good as well as the scale. Would like to see a vid, but if it works like other bikes that use this system then it probably handles and drives well.

Yeah i was a bit worried about the guns. I’ll replace them tomorrow. Same with the front fender, I know they are supposed sit high but it probably got to high up, And ill try to use a vanilla prop or something instead of like 10 tiny plates. I’ll see if i find any smaller pipes to use for the engine.

Nice. Could use some touch ups.

nice :smiley:

but where’s the back part?

I like the non-obvious jar in front of the engine

lookin really good!

i like it
except wheels look kinda small




NO! that’s not exhausts.

I like it, you’re missing the rear fender.

I thought that was a quite a clever idea…

The whole bike looks great in my opinion, just stick a back bit on and a exhaust pipe and it’ll look even better.

What about this, Ill add a bigger tail and fix up the fender and add a back fender. Then ill make edit it abit more like changing the guns for handles and other stuff and release two versions. First i need to study. Stupid swedish exam tomorrow.

Maybe when you fix it up and release it we could get a kliener version and a non-kliener version, I just love his face while he’s in that position

I didn’t dupe him but i’m sure i can do something simlair if you really want.

I jizzed my dick off when I saw this. Epic win!!!

that’s really fuckin nice

I agree it needs a rear fender and an exhaust pipe. You also need foot pegs. I would lower the handle bars as well. A few levers for show, a kick stand would be a neat addition. Is it a 2-stroke or a 4?

2-stroke, baby yeeeeeeeeah

I like it. Shape’s kinda funny, otherwise nice.

I agree about the back part sticking out more, But a back fender? Dirt bikes don’t have back fenders.

protip… that is the rear fender.

Looks nice.