Dirty Bombs!

Would be interesting if you could build radioactive dirty bombs. Nothing huge, but enough to create a small radioactive area that would last a few days (in game). Could be made with a small amount of very hard to find and uncraftable radioactive material. Yes it has awful griefing possibilities, but could also be used for defense. Imagine tossing one through someone’s window and irradiating a small section of their base for a couple of days, or out of your window when people are attacking.


I forgot the ingredients! Some cloth, gunpowder, rock, radioactive material, and those empty bean cans!

EDIT: Oh, and if not dirty bombs I’d rather see grenades like this. Would be fun to light the fuse and time when you throw, even allowing the possibility of grenades thrown early to be picked up and tossed back.

A dirty bomb in the hands of one or more players is a scary thought indeed.

One of the trello cards shows a mysterious countdown device. I always liked the thought of the admin being allowed to set some kind of countdown value, maybe close to a wipe or some other big event. Wilder speculation on behalf of yours truly was definitely trigger a doomsday device that would explode destroying every building and player on the server.

You’d probably see player cults spring up ala Fallout 3 waiting for the countdown to start. Would add a fun feature I guess but yeah wildly open to abuse (for both player and the more unstable admins out there, lol)

Edit - Link to Countdown Clock Trello

I’ve been seeing that doomsday device idea. I think it’s great. Especially if it could be player activated. That would really give players an objective other than raid, raid, and more raiding.

Maybe the countdown and ensuing explosion causes fallout to affect the standard NPC’s thus converting them to rad animals.

Would mean then that the server would start out with clean wildlife but then following the explosion you’d have more rad animals, making the difficulty scale as the server goes on?

And all players would become…ZOMBIES!

just kidding

ordinary pipe bombs would be awesome

simple to make, and deals damage :slight_smile:

I really like the idea. Having a rad-suit or pills if you base gets hit would become a necessity. Would need to balance the drop rates of all this stuff just right, but it would be really cool.

Yea, I’m thinking the radioactive material would be a very rare item that would only show up in the most radiated radtowns, and could never be crafted.

I think some trip wire bombs that could be placed inside bases running a wire from wall to wall or even placing them between two trees would be awesome. Also sticky bombs you could place and would go off if another player walked right next to it or if the object it was placed on was destroyed it would go off, like walls, trees, and rocks.

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And be able to place them wherever on an object so you could get really clever with traps. And we also need landmines just saying that Bush your gonna go hide in might blow you up instead.

My favorite part of this idea is giving the empty can of beans a reason to exist.

I would like to see the actual production of explosives in Rust. The whole gunpowder from sulfur and charcoal is inaccurate. They are missing saltpeter (niter [potassium nitrate]). It can be mined, or made (via manure).

But more-over by heating charcoal in a kiln you can make coke. during the distillation you would get Toluene

You would then have the basis for TNT

Also you would have the basis for dynamite.

There is quite a bit that can be done.

the only question is when does it become too involved/realistic?:slight_smile: i would love to see multiple tiers of explosives, and although black-powder can propel bullets fine, it’s burn rate leaves something to be desired for explosives; but perhaps it needs to be the typical “find the rare stuff to make better stuff” method over filtration of chemicals;)

I think for now we’re working with a limited set of basic ingredients that will one day be expanded. I liked the explosive you could make in Legacy - more uses for that would be good. What I’d like to see is a creative use of more items that can’t be crafted. Like the bean can into a casing for a small explosive. Then maybe 10 bean can explosives into a larger one you could set in front of a wall to blow it up.

Fuses would be fun too. This could add the volatility I’ve seen mentioned in other threads about C4. Maybe you’d place an explosive, then light it with a torch (another useless item), and hope it’s not a quick fuse and you have enough time to run.

I’d like to see the ability to scavenge all kinds of stuff to get parts. Say you run into a radtown and not only find loot from crates, but you whack at a couple pieces of old machinery and get some tubes, wires, or springs.

How involved really is leaving the charcoal in the furnace until it turns to coke? Or burning compost in a furnace until it turns to saltpeter. It’s really just adding the means to create ingredients ingredients using existing methods.

during an early on AMA garry talked about making the tech tree pretty involved. It makes sense to add explosive tiers like these, especially when we are talking about making cars/vehicles a thing. Most of the ingredients of these sort of explosives are by-products of making gas anyway.

Homemade grenades would be a great thing. I love the style of what you made. Great work!

I remember back in the days of legacy when I first discovered that cooking cloth created leather. It made so much sense and yet my mind was so blown. Since then I’ve thought about how cool it is that raw materials and some time in the fire pit can create valuable consumables. The way tree of items all fits together is so cool to me.

Instead of that C4 pack you place I’d rather see something like this. A propane tank bomb - basically a larger version of the bean can grenade. Requires a propane tank (rare item that can only be scavenged from junk piles), LOTS of gunpowder, a flare, a fuse (made from cloth & gunpowder), low grade fuel, and some leather.

Different sized fuses can be made to adjust the amount of time until detonation, but each fuse also has a chance of burning twice as fast - creating a slightly unstable and unpredictable detonation time. The sound of the fuse burning would be quite worrisome if you were hiding inside your house!


Great idea! Could even toss in a car battery and a alarm clock. Tick tock tick tock BOOM!

The alarm clock going off right before the bomb explodes would be awesome!

kegs of gunpowder and flaming arrows