Dirty Little Secret

(Heavily inspired by Rastifan’s Behind The Mask.)

DO NOT watch this comic if you have a weak stomach or suffer from homophobia.


Oh my virgin eyes, what did I see?
Made me chuckle.

That’s ga-backstabbed

WHY was I expecting that last frame?
Anyways, it was a pretty awesome comic, if not completly…Erm…“Diffrent.”
Well done.

Coffee was spat everywhere in a rediculous fasion from my mouth while holding a coffee cup.

I was about to have that episode with a bottle of Dr.Pepper.

Alright. Now I’m horny.

Thx. I also planned an ending where he runs into the resupply room and finds his whole team naked. (Didn’t do it cause I couldn’t find any nude TF2 models.)

I do not feel like making nude models when my brothers are visting from America, so maybe later.

Don’t worry, I think I’ll manage. But I also have a sequel(maybe series0 planned for this. It’ll probably include Spy arousing other teamates.