"Dirty Magic"


Zoey looks drunk.
Also, no hair editing this time.

Yeah!..I don’t get it :confused:

The faceposing is ridiculous.

Some dude sing to Zoey “Dirty Magic” performed by The Offspring

the guitar model is terrible and the faceposing is ridiculous and of course that guy has webbed hands.

Ok i get it
Shit pic
Shit post

I like Zoey’s face, looks naughty and the way she holds her finger is like she does it on the rythm :smiley:

wait how is this ‘ridiculous’ face posing?

ever seen singers faces when they’re TRUELY expressing themselves? no?

look it up, our faces do weird things, deal with it.

i havent seen the movie but this reminds me of it for some reason.

But it looks awful and unrealistic. Lose the attitude, kid.

Never heard

Try to work on faceposing but I like the athmosphere in it. Have an artistic.

Am I the only one who likes the faceposing? Good job.