dirtyghettogamer Hacking

His username is dirtyghettogamer and he is using invincibility, flying and teleporting hacks.
he has a accomplice but I don’t know his name.


(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread/annoying" - postal))

I have a video of him jump hacking around might upload it if anyone cares.

I don’t have any evidence, because I’m not one to record unfortunately, he was infact jumping hundreds of feet in the air however, I did PvP him and he wasn’t using invincibility, I was able to damage him, he just jumped into the air as soon as he took damage meaning he’d heal in the air.

He jumps up very high and read the description.

Here is the evidence… I do care so upload every video of him you have.

Ban this hacker.

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upload it dude