Disable a weapon for everyone?

I have the CSS Realistic Weapons Mod from Steam Workshop. I was wanting to disable a few things from it such as the smoke grenade. I want it so where no one can spawn it. How would I go about doing this with out messing anything up? My server is running Sandbox gamemode.

If you want to remove it, you can just remove cs_smokegrenade or whatever it’s called from addons/<realistic weapons?>/entites/weapons/

Or use an admin mod to restrict it.

I tried that. I used URS from the Ulysses website and I was able to stop people from spawning it in their inventory, but they could still spawn on on the ground then pick it up and use it.

I believe there’s a convar for weapon pickups… ulx_urs_weaponpickups 0/1/2 or something

Awesome, that worked perfectly. Could I just put that in server.cfg so it does that everytime?