Disable always on top?

Any way to disable the always on top requirement in the latest build? 13 Aug 2014, 7:25AM

I have the same problem.
Since the update even that i play windowed it is stuck in “always on top” mode.
It is weird because my son plays next to me with same set up and his Rust is not on “always on top” mode.
So i guess is not effecting every body.

Same issue here. I’ve been looking everywhere to try and find a solution with little luck. Rust is always on top, can’t tab out into anything else without re-sizing or minimizing rust completely.

Suffering from this as well, on 2 different computers. I’ve tried reinstalling Windows on one of them, and tried multiple drivers for the gpus. One computer is running nvidia, the other one AMD.
So frustrating, anyone found a fix for this? :frowning: