Disable bullet to player collision

Is there any way to disable bullet collision to a player?

yyyeaaaaah, but would you mind explaining what your intentions were?
There are two (or more) ways to do this, and depending on your needs, one solution I have in mind is definitely better than the other.

You could set the player’s collision group, but that would cause a few more issues. Otherwise, you can override firebullets

Basically creating a variant of Spectator DM, but I need to make sure the dead people cannot block bullets. Another issue is that alive players can knife the dead.

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The collision group is currently set to COLLISION_GROUP_DEBRIS. Is there one that allows bullets to pass through?

Still looking for an answer

Still looking.

Well keep looking, cause it seems like we don’t have other answers than those.

If you just want a player to spectate … use PlayerSpawnAsSpectator that allows bullets to pass.