Disable bullets from hitting a physics object

If I were to use the inflator method to simulate a limb being blown off an npc, is there a way to make that limb not be able to be hit by bullets?

You could check the bone that it takes damage on, and if it is a bone that’s been ‘removed’ don’t apply the damage. You could also fire a bullet just behind the limb, using the data you got in the damage hook.

I was hoping to be able to avoid that method, because alot of bullets will be being fired.

On a single limb that’s a bit easier said than done. If it was a separate entity you could just disable collisions.

You could try manipulating the bounding box of the entity, but I doubt that would work.

Is there a way to parent a specific limb, then the physics object of the limb would go away. I could only find a way to parent to a specific limb instead of the other way around.

Check out JetBoom’s animation API.

There is a way of doing this in c++ but it requires CRagdollProp::GetRagdoll() which appears to be broken/corrupt/whatever.
You can try sigscanning for it if you want.