Disable Chatbox Cooldown

My custom chatbox uses RunConsoleCommand with “say”, but… it still has the cooldown. I can’t use ply:Say() because it’s clientside; I don’t want to use net messages, to send a message to the server, so it can then send it to all clients with ply:Say(). (unless I have to?)

Are you running it on darkrp? Because that might be it’s anti-spam thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I remember, DarkRP doesn’t come with a spam filter by default.

What custom chatbox are you using?

I’m not running DarkRP, it’s a sandbox-derived gamemode and very little [almost nothing] has been added to it.

It’s my own custom chatbox. But either way, even with the default chatbox, there seems to be some sort of cooldown of about 2 seconds.

So you coded it yourself in its entirety and you know every single line of code within it? If so, then there must be something else filtering the chat.