Disable clientside animation blending

my friend and me have been working on a project and we have ran into a issue with sequence transitioner, when player changes animation the sequence transitioner blends between the animations which is a problem for us, if anyone knows how to disable clientside animation blending done by sequence transitioner we would be really grateful for your help, thanks!

video as example: crouchspam

The problem is that the animation is too slow for the crouching speed.
Try changing it with this:

Might be worth a shot.

it doesn’t matter the playback rate of the animation though, the issue is sequence transitioner

So what you want is the player to be able to crouch spam? And the problem is that the animation doesn’t follow, I see now.

At first I tried using this:

hook.Add("UpdateAnimation", "SpeedUpAnimations", function(ply)


     return true


Just to test the waters, but it seems that the ducking animation is not affected.

Then I tried playing around with this hook:

But it just doesn’t get called at all, might be a bug.