Disable Darkrp disasters

Hey everyone, I just discovered that darkrp had disasters ( meteor storms ) :downs: . I’d like to remove it or at least remove the access to use it to admins. I’d like to do that without editing directly the gamemode if possible. I searched before posting here but never found out how.

Disabling earthquakes is located in settings.lua:

-- earthquakes - Enable/disable earthquakes.
GM.Config.earthquakes                   = false

Disabling meteor storms is activated and stopped with a command. You can remove access for admins by copying the code (https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/tree/master/gamemode/modules/events) and just adding a check to see if the person trying to access the command is owner or super admin or something like that.

Those settings as well are both on the gamemodes files and on DarkRP_Modification.

Oops sorry, I searched for Storms & metor. My bad, solved !