Disable /drop

Hey, so simple question here. I want users not be able to use /drop for anything. I want this command completely removed. The reason for this is I have an inventory system installed that handles dropping items in its own way, so having the /drop command and the dropping in the inventory do not mix. Anyone know how to remove the /drop?

Google, is your friend.




And where would I put this?

First, you need to put the command in quotation marks and do it without a slash at the beginning (I think, otherwise try it with a slash).

To use the code you can make a new module in darkrpmodification.
Go to darkrpmodification/lua/modules/
Make a new folder named how you want (something like removecmd)
Create a file with sh_ at the beginning (something like sh_removecmd.lua)
Put the code in there.

Should work.

Doesnt work

Okay then try this:
Do the same thing as above but replace the code with
local function removecmd()
and start the file name with sv_.
This time i tested it and it works for me.

Sorry for the late reply, but this did it. thanks