Disable Fire Damage Sound

Is there a way to disable the sounds that you hear when you burn?
There isn’t anything about it in the GMod Wiki. In the Lua Files I neither found something about it.

Btw. sorry for my really bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

local DisabledSounds = {
	["player/pl_burnpain1.wav"] = true,
	["player/pl_burnpain2.wav"] = true,
	["player/pl_burnpain3.wav"] = true,
	--["ambient/fire/fire_small_loop2.wav"] = true,

hook.Add( "EntityEmitSound", "DisableFireDamageSound", function( t )
	if DisabledSounds[ t.SoundName ] then return false end
end )

Run this on server. It wont work clientside (in this case).
The commented line is not a damage sound it is the actual fire loop.

And what if I want, that only (for example) traitors should hear this sounds?
So when I’m a detective i shouldn’t hear the sounds and if I’m a traitor then I should hear them.
The gamemode is trouble in terroristtown.
(Just as an example o.O)

Any ideas?

You could try adding the hook clientside and then simply checking the team of the local player