Disable fire spread

Here’s the deal. A friend of mine and I want to bring back Wooden Wars from the watery grave of Gmod 9. There is only one major obstacle, fire spreading from prop to prop. I would like someone to make an stool that disables that. Proposed features be: Left click disable fire spreading to that prop, right click disable spreading to that and all constrained props

Please, for the greater good of Gmod, make this Stool

What do you mean, “fire spread”? I’ve never encountered fire going from one prop to another… Then again, I haven’t played Gmod for a while :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see what I can dig up.

Wooden props. If a wood prop is on fire, then the fire will probably spread to any neighboring props. It is the same with explosions. The blast does not just ignite the hit prop, but ones around it

i am his friend by the way and I FULLY SUPPORT THIS NOTION
can i get an AMEEENN

Is this a gamemode you’re making? If so you’d probably be better off faking the fire itself to make it act like you want.

The irony of this is, I wrote a dynamic fire script to utilize fire spreading for EVERY flammable object in the game.

Maybe I can work on an inverse of the concept to prevent it for you.

I’ll share some code, if anyone would care to beat me to it.

Here’s my Dynamic Fire script from GM+:

I’m thinking you could Extinguish the entities nearby, instead of igniting them. Add a value to the entity’s table or something to make it not flammable, and reference this value in a EntityTakeDamage hook.

Or take the inverse (lazy) aproach of creating a fire entity that won’t even bother trying to spread.

Pretty much. Does anyone know if changing the physics material (not the rendering, I mean the material which can be changed in physical properties) of an entity can stop this from happening?

Surely there must be a concommand for this, no?


Bump, I would really like to see this made