Disable HUD without SV_Cheats

How can i disable my Garry’s Mod Heads Up Display without SV_Cheats? I need to do this because I am making a machinima like video for a multiplayer server and need to disable HUD for alot of scenes. If there is an addon for this please send me the link, thanks!

snip. forgot that thats now a cheat command for whatever reason

I cant snip when the chat takes up 10% of the screen and when 50+ people are talking at the same time :confused:

I was snipping my post but sure

Oh my bad, thought you meant crop out the HUD on my video editor…fail

You could try demo recording, then disabling the HUD whilst watching the demo http://wiki.randomgs.com/index.php?title=Record_Demo

When demo recording, it does not record in .avi or formats that video editors can take.

To hide HUD you can use “cl_showhud 0” in console, to bring it back, use “cl_showhud 1”

That requires sv_cheats.

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You can then re-record the demo playback without the HUD, and export it as an .avi.

Recording with demos also eliminates any framerate problems you might have.