Disable Items


I played on many servers now and all the time the admin abuse his rights.

What I wanna do - Host my own “classic” Server without any abuse and disable the Signal Supply.

It is possible to disable a item without mods?
If I use airdrop.min_players “amount” how many times the drop will come? (I know if x players reached) Can I set it on only all 6 hours?


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I think as things are standing right now, there is no way to do that without using mods that both modify the loot table or disable anyhow the given item.

After all, the game is still in alpha, and this feature may come in the future without using any mods.

Thanks for your answer.

Maybe you’d like this server: http://toprustservers.com/server/9787
It just got wiped and the (small) community is very friendly. The admin is very active and absolutely does not abuse his rights!

Its not possible to disable an item without a mod right now.

And the airdrop comes every ~60-70 without an extra airdrop mod(plugin).