Disable loading screen audio

Is it possible (maybe with console commands, launch params, etc?) to make GMod not play audio from loading screens? I really hate having to unplug my speakers every time I go into a server that uses some horrible song/audio.

What OS are you using?

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

Go to your sound mixer and turn down Awesomium during the loading screen.

that works but it also means that you have no sound for legitimate uses of awesomium audio :stuck_out_tongue: (i do not consider loading screen audio as a legitimate use, nor do i condone it)

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it becomes a hassle to keep changing the volume (especially if you are running in fullscreen) because people want to have music playing which doesnt suit everyone

There’s no other way without disabling loading screens all together.

Ye I know :frowning: just thought I would add my 2 cents

Then how could I disable the loading screen? If its as simple as a command, I could just do it before going into servers I know have annoying audio.

you cant… the loading screen is provided to your by the server…

ACTUALLY you COULD block your own access to the web site or that page in particular… im sure some firewall rules or editing your hosts file would work

if the webpage is hosted on the same vps as the gameserver, that shouldn’t work well.

You could try Loading URL Bypass