Disable motion of Vehicles and Wiremod Parts

So, I’ve been working on a way to teleport entities in a map. Unfortunately, the act of teleporting tends to break anything with a constraint on it. The simplest solution would be to freeze every prop in the volume before doing the jump. I’ve tried several things, and I’m now up to a simple lua script to try to freeze the enclosed entities.


There’s a problem with this though. It doesn’t work on vehicles or wiremod parts. The problem is definitely not in the map entity logic, as I’ve tested this with debugging outputs. The vehicles and wiremod parts are definitely being passed to the script. Now, I’ve seen an addon (Nodex’ ECS) that is able to freeze vehicles and wiremod parts, so I know that it can be done in lua.

Basically, how do i freeze things (physics gun style) that aren’t straight physics props?

ACTIVATOR:Fire( ent_fire console command, look it up on the wiki )
You’ll want the command ‘DisableMotion’ but I think theres more to the Fire() function.

I was skeptical about this solution, as ent_fire is really just map entity logic, which I tried before. I tried anyway. It didn’t work. It still freezes the physics props fine, but doesn’t seem to do anything different than the lua script or the original attempt at map entity logic.

Still haven’t found a solution. Physics-based NPCs like the Rollermine, Manhack, and Scanner don’t freeze either.