Disable name changing for testing?

With the current hackers being reported every day I think disabling name changing would help pinpoint who these actual people are so they cannot hide under an alias every time someone posts a video with them in it.

Also this would keep people from impersonating other players alleviating a lot of drama within the game, where at this point we should be testing not worrying about a reputation. I know that when name changing was introduced it was a type of experiment and they stated it was up in the air if it was even going to stay.

Well here is the communities chance to provide some feedback to the devs if this feature is wanted now or ever.

You do know the names that they used are stored, and their IP address stored with it?

I think names should be unique and permanent but with the ability to have prefix for clan / group tags

i’m sure names are assigned to id’s and can be pinpointed by kill in logs

Who cares once it comes out on steam you’ll be able to see their steam_id.

I see 2 options for this free cosmetic feature, as it is now.

  1. Within a real-money cosmetic shop, charge some amount to permanently fix a name to an account, which can not be duplicated; one purchased name per account.

  2. Within a real-money cosmetic shop, charge some amount to ‘change’ one’s in-game name to another in-game name; duplicate names allowed.

Both still make the cosmetic name-change feature available.

Cash shop? Ya no.