Disable pp_bloom automatically in my map

I want to get rid of that butt-ugly default bloom, because it makes my map way too bright to play on.

I already tried to submit the command “pp_bloom 0” through a point_clientcommand and a point_servercommand automatically on map spawn, but it doesn’t work at all.

Is there maybe a handy little script I can ship with my map or another trick that will disable the default bloom,
because if I don’t I can practically hear all the “this map hurts my eyes”-comments already…

Its a personal preference by the user. If they want to play on a map that will hurt their eyes when they have their shitty bloom on, then let them. You going to disable colormod as well?

There are many players who don’t know how to change it and can’t enjoy the map because it looks… white.
I’ve already experienced it with another map. Basically every second comment on the Workshop is “It hurts my eyes”, and seriously, I’m putting too much work in my maps to have even just 10% of all players dislike it just because of one single stupid standard setting…

Change the HDR brightness of your light_environment and recompile

theres the normal brightness and the hdr, puting a smaller number in it and it should work.

Also, using a tonemap controller can help you.