Disable Q Spawn Menu


I recently made a Dedicated Server for GMod and I would like to disable the spawn menu but I don’t know where I’ve to put the lua code ?

I tried to put it in the autorun but it doesn’t work.

I know that I’m stupid but please help me.

Thank you,


  1. i asked this question yesterday, did you use a search as indicated in the rules thread?
  2. if you are using the script proposed to me not so long ago, you should open your sandbox files, go into cl_init and and paste it there.
    hope it helped
  1. Yes I did but I didn’t know where I had to put it.

  2. Thank but I’ve 29 cl_init which one should I use ?

Thank you,


29 ?!?!?! lol, i made my own gamemode to intergrate it in, and i only have 1 cl_init in my sandbox, what have you been packing in?

What do you mean ?

Sorry i’m french can you explain ?

je suis francais aussi!!! ouais, pourquoi est ce que tu as 29 fichiers cl_init dans le dossier de sandbox?

Ohh trop cool :smiley: !

J’en sais rien du tout j’ai utiliser le wiki du GMod pour créer le serveur mais quand je fait une recherche “cl_init” dans mon dossier serveur je me retrouve avec 29 fichiers ><.
Pourrais-tu m’indiquer où se situer le tiens ?

Merci !


J’ai finalement trouvé !

Merci !